Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2017

5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2017
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5 Responses to Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2017

  1. harold brooks says:

    what I love in Samsung is the flexible screen , sure it is not full flexible but it is better than iphone :)

  2. Phillip Mulligan says:

    I love my Samsung Note 3 and 4 but boy do I miss them when the batteries dies while I am out hiking or mud bogging deep in the bush. Even if the phone has Gorilla Glass or is completely sealed it's amazing can destroy any phone out there when you are off roading or doing field work in brutal -40c Canadian winters. The phone is a life line and it can let you down in terrible cold or if it falls in water that is high in salts (Seals and gaskets do deteriorate and need replacement).

  3. Joseph Stokes says:

    Most of these have shit music and no narration. Skip to the end to learn something.

  4. Kecia Fitts says:

    keep me updated I love all Samsung Galaxy Note phones

  5. Liam Vercueil says:

    First!! XD keep up the great vids bro love them, it tells me what not buy and what to buy