Top 5 Upcoming SMARTPHONES that YOU Should WAIT For | 2017 Smartphones

Top 5 Upcoming SMARTPHONES that YOU Should WAIT For | 2017 Smartphones

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Buy the Top 5 Smartphones of 2016:
1. S7 & S7 Edge:
2.iPhone 6s & 6s plus:
3. Lg G5 :
4. Nexus 6P :
5. sony z5 :

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11 Responses to Top 5 Upcoming SMARTPHONES that YOU Should WAIT For | 2017 Smartphones

  1. cat nat says:

    When i was a teenager i was very much into technology, anyway i was speaking to a man who was a consultant at a tech show and i said at such a point in the future we would have those mobile fone/computer that we would wear on our wrist and i did say they would be wsterproof plus i said we should be able to make visual voice calls to someone on the other side of the world, i am now 45 yrs the man said it would never happen !

  2. cat nat says:

    if you think about these new smartfones, step back and realise the more advanced and desireable they look most of us get suxed into believeing that we must have one, the 5 main things i use is mobile fone calls texts photography facebook and i guess realy they are a smaller version of a portable computer the more a diserable something becomes the more we crave it to make us Happy.

  3. numb dumb says:

    Why are these concept phone always ask for sopport? I dont get it,

  4. No way says:

    That wrist phone just look too dorky..

  5. King SoCal says:

    "Comet" is identical to the Galaxy. Most of the features it contains, the Galaxy is already using them and the design of the phone is like the Galaxy Edge

  6. Cosmic Channel Lazy 8 says:

    plenty of claims the best the most i want to throw my boomerang phone

  7. Eyal Daily says:

    thus phones are kinda bad….
    The last phone is the bad version of the new Google phone (the bloks phone)

  8. Jesse B says:

    i laughed way too hard at the Comet bit

  9. corgidog quirke says:

    holy crap im buying the portal

  10. DJParty Gaming says: