Top BEST Smartphones 2015

Top 10 of the BEST Flagship Smartphones of 2015, here is my selection!

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20 Responses to Top BEST Smartphones 2015

  1. Oliver Kenway says:

    Moto X Style is the best stock android phone

  2. Potential x10 says:

    need a good phone to take booty pics of girls… gotta have good quality so I can fap at that 1080p ass. just kidding. tired of my flip phone
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Lay SoeLinMay says:

    I like your videos! Very pretty and you speak very well. Nice work :)

  4. zayed Khan says:

    I was expecting to see the m9+ also :(

  5. Khaleel Basha says:

    LG g4 <3 <3 <3

  6. DarkPitGreninja says:

    When the HELL will the Note 5 come to the UK?

  7. T Kruczek says:

    May I have a question for u guys?

    I'm thinking about buying new device and I plan to buy android or iOS phone.
    I used to use Xperia Z1 before, now I got Lumia 925 (I was curious of W10 and in the end I'm still neutral) and I've never had iPhone. Please tell me what's the best option:

    – Samsung GS6E Plus (because Note 5 is not available in my country / or in Europe at all…).
    – iPhone 6/6s Plus (because, as I said, I've never had an iPhone I don't know if there's a big difference between the both of versions. Do I firmly feel the difference? What about camera? I'm making a lot of pictures…
    – Nexus 6P
    – Meizu Pro 5 – it's funny because I really like this one – how it looks, actually. An android iPhone 😀

    Price is my stop, lower is of course better for my as non-working student 😀
    What do you think?

  8. Shameer Hotmali says:

    can u show in YouTube video witch Lenovo smart phone top in 2015

  9. Caleb Rizzuto says:

    team galaxy thanks supersaf :)

  10. Andreas Sutton says:

    im a muslim and imma terrorist, so suck my bomb and my 7 wife

  11. Isaac Chavez says:

    lg leon

  12. Bandile Zondo says:

    You forgot an important phone its even better than some of these htc m9

  13. Ibrahim Kromah says:

    Samsung don't have good selfie cameras.

  14. Devin Wilson says:

    I like iPhone because of the smooth clean software and I'd take Nexus and Motorola for stock android and the only thing I like about the note and lg v10 is their camera and the notes pen

    LG has a good secondary display though and the edge and edge plus is one of my favorite looks on any phone

  15. Sd Tameem says:

    there is any number for nexus 5x

  16. Miguel De La Paz says:

    iPhone 6s Plus!

  17. Pqks says:

    Nexus 6P is best or?

  18. noel martinez says:

    the s6 edge plus is the greatest phone ever made

  19. Leonidas Telis says:

    note5 . The best !!!

  20. HBCU MarchingBands says:

    the list every year usually is
    1. Galaxy Note_
    2.Lg G_
    3.Galaxy S_
    4.IPhone _ or _s
    5.something else