Trey Songz – SmartPhones lyrics

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16 Responses to Trey Songz – SmartPhones lyrics

  1. Thamires Cozer says:

    ameeeei essa musica ♥

  2. AardvarkLord says:

    You know, someone recommended this song to me… why is it popular? This advocates scumbag behavior in the extreme. What kind of slime A) cheats on his girlfriend and B) lies when confronted with it. I don't care how decent his voice is or how smooth it is, this song is horrible on principle. The speaker from whose perspective that song is written isn't a man, he's a bratty child who just happens to have passed puberty.

  3. Dominique Gallien says:

    Anybody can cheat but cheating isn't cool because it can hurt you more then it can hurt your lover…

  4. mia universe says:

    valentines day v.v

  5. Leonaaa Dolores says:

    smartphones dont cheat*

  6. Y.T.S MOVMENT says:

    i always singing this song

  7. Larishia “La La Lewenski” Kilgore says:

    perfect song .. Smartphones & dumb dicks

  8. Raini josh says:

    this will be my favorite song no matter how old it gets

  9. Angeleah Boyd says:

    love this song thi me ad bae breakup song

  10. Angeleah Boyd says:

    love this song thi me ad bae breakup song

  11. Katie Justice says:

    Who Still Jamming This In 2016?!!

  12. kiojana morton says:

    Y'all are missing the point, he's saying its all his fault y'all, that's why (if you watch the official video) you'll see he's super pissed and he's ready to cry, he knows he fucked up. Yes its about cheating. He's not the only one who lies to his girl about cheating.

  13. C Jones says:

    it's really good to read the lyrics. i didn't know all the words.

  14. Twizted Gaming says:

    Wth is this

  15. Colin Newton says:

    Mⓔ af

  16. Colin Newton says:

    Mⓔ asf