Trey Songz – SmartPhones [Official Video]

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13 Responses to Trey Songz – SmartPhones [Official Video]

  1. Khaya Maloney says:

    if you listen to 'Crew' – Trey Songz on the 'To Whom It May Concern' that is what is happening in the beginning of this video… This man really lives his music. lol.

  2. David Lynch says:

    The ending is so fucking sexy. There should be a movie about everything that went on.

  3. Brittany Reid says:

    shes a good actor lol

  4. Regina Brown says:

    I like this#&@%7

  5. Leah Harper says:

    makes me cry all the time!

  6. Sapphire Hall says:

    i'm dead…..3:47 killed me. he said "I dont know what you saying"

  7. aquonesia sanders says:

    omg I love this song and video. I almost cried

  8. renae wilson says:

    Never watched this video until now. It made me love the song even more

  9. Juwan Hill says:

    I so love trigga.

  10. Amanda Thompson says:

    he said he was gonna run! that's why he park so far lol

  11. conceited leflore says:

    This my shit in 2016 have to listen to this song a least one time a day

  12. Jay Chosen says:

    two of the best parts for me was 1:522:05, how her tone shifts from "hey babe"(showing her belief in their relationship) to "Trey" ( when ish got real, real quick) like her world had just been torn apart.. also @ 3:45 when trigger was like "idk what you're saying , Im sorry" you can sense his lostness within the situation

  13. Kayla Irving says:

    This is a legit true story big bro is the best