Turkish Academic Claims Noah Had Nuclear Powered Ark, Called Son on Cellphone

Turkish Academic Claims Noah Had Nuclear Powered Ark, Called Son on Cellphone

Does anyone in the world NOT know the story of Noah and his DIY wooden ark filled with family and animals (not necessarily in that order)? After all, it’s been retold many times in many tomes, including the Old Testament, the Quran, the Ethiopian Orthodox Book of Jubilees, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Epic of Gilgamesh and has spawned hunts for its existence and amusement parks recreating the experience. And yet … a Turkish academic claims all of these have the story wrong.
Source: http://mysteriousuniverse.org​

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37 Responses to Turkish Academic Claims Noah Had Nuclear Powered Ark, Called Son on Cellphone

  1. Paul Maguire says:

    Sure they found the ark lol

  2. Moussaoui Ahmed says:


  3. Johnny Hammer says:

    If he had a phone then whats his chirp number?

  4. Mr lewis says:

    How the hell they go from chopping trees to build a boat to using technology to build it this is such bullshit.

  5. Javier Fernandez says:


  6. Prince Henry Ediagbonya says:

    Give thanks love & light.

  7. dThor Riven says:

    the planet It’s will not destroy

  8. Faiez shafiqi says:

    We all know that if anything like the flood of him happens again, in these days,this would be the solution.,Now the only problem is to solve the mystery of that if that people around 7000 years ago had this technology.?Had it or no.

  9. Masterplanet 420 says:

    Poppin pussy, I’m sweating, woo

  10. Anthony Brown says:

    That’s because when God cleansed the Earth he did it for the good of the future of mankind.. He’s a smart God

  11. Jonathan Perez says:

    Your videos are getting out of hand and desperate, read the bible all the answers are their. Scientists don’t know shit

  12. Attila Toth says:

    Give me a break……!

  13. 456 Cody says:

    I went back in time the turk doesnt know

  14. Pieter Vorster says:

    Yes. ..now we get to the truth. ..only ignorance of world population think they are clever . atom bombs destroy Sodom and Gamora.
    We are idiots compared to their technology .

  15. scottie hall says:

    Flood may have happened but two of every animal no. Maybe DNA. Noah probably had help with UFO’s and aliens. Need different title

  16. Anastacia Resurrected says:

    Did I miss the bit about proof?

  17. Joshua D says:

    And the sky is green

  18. Joyful Joyful says:

    Nonsense, he built it with his bare hands, there are no lies in the bible, it was built under the direction of the Lord through dreams and visions by revelation. This man is disputing the word of God written by holy prophets of God.

  19. J Jk says:

    I believe the pharoas had electricity and wireless communication but I don’t believe Noah used that technology. People u need to realize the world was wiped clean because people had become so corrupt and evil before trust me it well could happen again. The pharoas of ancient Egypt were brilliant much smarter than people realize. They understood symmetry, mathematics, geometry, they new about the stars and understood the value of pi they knew secrets of the universe they weren’t supposed to know.

  20. tranlanga mingo says:

    The ark is on the moon not earth

  21. Craig Irving Sr. says:

    You know you either might Sciences don’t know a damn thing y’all just talk no proof no nothing but eventually you will have proof on the most high god of Abraham Isaac Jacob return to destroy all these Nation and then you will see nuclear war like you have never saw it before Salone

  22. Rome the Paranormal Critic says:

    As much as I can’t stand half of the lies on this channel or more this makes me question the truth about things because just like there are so many people who believe in God how do we know that God and Jesus or anyone else in the Bible were not from another planet the Bible doesn’t say anything it is only written word by man who did it understand much about high tech technology a long time ago

  23. david petty says:

    Did Noah bring 2 Bigfoots and 2 lochness monsters aboard the ark?

  24. munn traveller says:

    Nokia 3310 b.c

  25. Ryan cole says:

    What a crock!!!!

  26. Max Jacobd says:

    id have to agree as we are losing knowledge all the time adan knew all he ate from the tree

  27. Brandon Evans says:

    "you used to call me on my arc phone".."late night when you saw that flood"..

  28. UTube Trends says:

    Please change your voice

  29. Mike E says:

    Apparently Noah had a iPhone

  30. TheGrove says:

    Might have been the Easter Bunny cuz that story sounds much better for jaded mankind? #thetrithisstangerthanfiction

  31. Bonny Hartig says:

    Thought this since I was kid

  32. UtharkRuna says:

    Everything is possible on this channel…

  33. drhilltube says:

    By now you must be able to hire a narrator. When you do I’ll bet your subscriber count goes way up.

  34. danny k says:

    Is it sophia or siri thats narrating

  35. Steve Baker says:

    Where do all these bloody mutters come from they really need help

  36. Stephen Catherall says:

    can you tell me wat network he was on my signal is always shite !!!