Turn Your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope!

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope!


This video shows to convert your smartphone into a digital microscope capable of photographing cells. The setup shown here is a viable substitute for underfunded classrooms that would otherwise be unable to perform experiments requiring a microscope.

Special thanks to:
and Luke Saunders for videography

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49 Responses to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope!

  1. Sezer iltekin says:

    I tried it but disappointed. It works like a macro lens only, not like a microscope. I used a laser’s lens.

  2. John Exzequiel Melchor says:

    Can you please demonstrate on Sperm Cells?

  3. Tichomír Dunlop says:


  4. AG engineering and tech channel says:

    http://youtu.be/UherqgENFYc pls see this video

  5. mekamal50 says:

    yes its works thanks for video

  6. Mukesh Nayka says:

    wath is the name of this aap

  7. anwar azim says:

    wow so intelligent that i cant imagine

  8. rajini suriya fan says:

    please do sperm test….

  9. john 321 says:

    What’s the magnification?

  10. James Gordan says:

    Very helpful those who want explore . How do we increase magnification to 800 X.

  11. DBMtheOne says:

    So how dose it work and dose it really work ?

  12. Mcek Minski says:

    How does the power of the laser affect the results?

  13. Somethingangster says:

    does my galaxy s7 not work? I made the whole thing and s7 won’t focus.

  14. KaungSett Hein says:

    it’s worked ^_^ ®

  15. Anish Limbu says:

    Okay, though the video has been here on youtube for quite long time, I cannot expect someone to reply my question. However, I hope someone can help. Actually, I tried the same and almost accomplished the construction but unfortunately, the lens of the laser doesn’t seem powerful enough to magnify as similar as shown in the video… Is it that I need more powerful lens or what could possibly go wrong? please help me

  16. Felipe Medeiros says:

    now you have to learn to make this video audible.

  17. albert says:

    thank you so much

  18. srinivas sivakumar says:

    What will be the difference if i use the convex lens of the flash light??

  19. gumbyneck says:

    I got one easy I get a 2.50$ flashlight candy open it take the lens out and the lens isn’t as good but it was way cheaper

  20. Mechanics DIY says:

    grate video


    Great, Thank you

  22. denden diaz says:

    Can you magnify dirt? Or saliva or like allpen ink there???? PLEASE TRY SALIVA!! WANNA SEE IT!!!

  23. Anan Hassan says:

    i have made one and it only gives 80X maximum single lens

  24. byteridr says:

    The sound of the video is nearly silent. I turned my desk loudspeakers to the maximum and it is only a bit louder than i like it. I think with my laptop the maximum would not be loud enough to undestand everything, because the fan would be louder.

  25. Gent Gashi says:

    How can I define magnification power of two lenses

  26. Jovan Reyes says:

    Would it be posible to add more magnification?

  27. judy ann gaspar says:

    tnx! i started working it..

  28. Eden Lamkin says:

    This was a great idea for a microscope and having a smartphone

  29. Sam phimean says:

    Hello, Yoshinok. I can not see plant cell like you did. How to  get 375x ?

  30. TheZincZipper says:

    Foldscope is way more amazing and powerful .. cheaper as well .. Google "Foldscope" .. you won’t regret it

  31. Krishna Nagarajan says:

    congrats very useful

  32. U SUCK SO U FUCKA says:

    Or buy A microscope i got a microscope digital for 500 bucks meh not expensive at all

  33. Judith E. Foester says:

    I have an inexpensive Magiscope which I have taken around the world with me for 25 years. You can "Digiscope" photos by holding your camera next to the ‘viewfinder’. Maybe used ones on Ebay?

  34. Kiril Zyapkov says:

    I love this! I own an optical microscope and a cheap digital one, but this build turned out better than both! I’d buy you a beer if you make a video about preparing specimens at home 🙂

  35. Christopher Leamons says:

    Hey, did you go to grade school in Everett, WA?

  36. Slap Stick says:

    I think you can just buy the focusing lens.

  37. cheikh niang says:


  38. Leon Mercy says:

    now the class would just need a smartphone with a good camera…

  39. byteridr says:

    I got a used Microscope for 15€ (17 Dollars) and it is much smaller than what you did build. The disadvantage is, that i have to clean some things. If you really want a cheap microscope i think the best way is to search for a used one.

  40. Abhishek Sharma says:

    can u plz tell from where u get that small lens?

  41. I Am That Is says:

    I’m more interested in the people who gave this video a thumbs down. Anti-science?

  42. Sans TheSanster says:

    Materials Cost more than a Microscope….

  43. Vanessa Mendoza says:

    quisiera saber las medidas de cada pieza de madera , y las de plastico

  44. renu krishna says:

    what kind of glass is that

  45. Suraj mandal says:

    what is that red colour object below the glass pls say me

  46. prudvi narayana says:

    do we really need LED i.e., is it optional?