Twin babies fight over cell phones

Faith wanted both phones and would not let Grace have either one. Then I added a third phone and she was looking over her shoulder deciding if she wanted a third one too.

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9 Responses to Twin babies fight over cell phones

  1. Bosko Obradovic says:


  2. Keri Parnell t says:

    Tell adorable

  3. Priya Amarchande says:

    idiot baby

  4. Lorrie Rabbit says:

    it's really fun to watch but whatever happened to toys that make you think ? build ! learn ! … This generation will be the first that is not as intelligent as the last one.

  5. jen eio says:

    one is so greedy. my concern is the babies will hit their head against the glass cabinet just behind them while snatching. it's not funny at all.

  6. Cheryl Johnson says:

    aww so cute and sad for grace

  7. Emily Richards says:


  8. Duke 49 says:

    F parents you suck because you're lazy you won't get off your fat lazy ass and make the child stop doing that today a child with my opinion as a mother you suck your lazy bitch of a mother good luck and raising your children Godspeed cuz you're going to need all you can get

  9. eylnrwhor3 says:

    Hahaha! This made me laugh so hard!! Too adorable!