Ubuntu Phone: Is It Worth It? (Aquaris E4.5)

Ubuntu Phone: Is It Worth It? (Aquaris E4.5)

I am back from London. I attended the Ubuntu Phone Insider event and have an Ubuntu Phone I took back with me. Here is what think about the device and the OS. Help support my channel and make it possible for me to obtain devices to review.
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20 Responses to Ubuntu Phone: Is It Worth It? (Aquaris E4.5)

  1. Iconic Gaming says:

    i do like the os. the phone sucks but the os looks like it has potiential.

  2. Olli says:

    Wtf is that phone from like 2010-2011. And is it even better if you install Ubuntu on a Jolla hardware

  3. Thiago dos Santos says:

    Is possible to install VLC and to set it like default vídeo player??

  4. SUMIT MITRA says:

    i thought i will get a phone with ubuntu sd820 6gb ram etc etc not this i am disappointed

  5. Achin shah says:

    Would like it if it has Kali Linux instead of Ubuntu.Would be useful for hacking purposes.

  6. WEE WILLY says:

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  7. HomoApoteosico Deus Ex says:


  8. eddzuki0 says:

    Looks horrendous

  9. MohdWahidi Rosni says:

    the quick reply on the notification is actually good

  10. Michael Becker says:

    17 minute review and no mention of call quality or did I miss that? I wish we would change the title of these to Personal Handheld Entertainment Devices and not 'phones'!

  11. Claud Rasberry says:

    where is the phone they promised? ??

  12. fourat garrach says:

    om the flu

  13. L Reyes says:

    how old is this vídeo? the device looks súper thik and heavy !

  14. sam salum sipha says:

    where are you from

  15. mrchapman says:

    Deigned in Albacete, Assembled in Cuenca LOL

  16. matt D says:

    the OS kinda looks like Linux and C++ had a kid.ooboontoo is fun to say though. if I had my own tribe that's what it would be called.

  17. Jon Baker says:

    that phone is honestly pathetic

  18. SOUL Man says:

    Nowadays it takes reviewers a full 4-5 minutes to actually show us the product, after looking in great detail at cardboard boxes, yellow envelopes, stock letters, more cardboard boxes, and charger plugs.
    The times we live in.

  19. Sajad Amirsardari says:

    blah blah blah blah blah blah

  20. Adam D says:

    Shit phone even for that cheap of a price