Ubuntu Phone Unboxing and Hands On (bq Aquaris E4.5)

Specs: (link: http://www.bq.com/gb/products/aquaris-e4-5.html)
Display: 4.5″ qHD 540×960 – 240 ppi (HDPI)
CPU: Quad Core Cortex A7 up to 1.3 GHz MediaTek
GPU: Mali 400 up to 500 MHz
Storage: 8 GB
Memory available for end use: 5,5 GB*
Battery: LiPo 2150 mAh
dual micro-SIM
MicroSD slot, up to 32 GB

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth® 4.0
2G GSM (850/900/1800/1900)
3G HSPA+ (900/2100)
8Mpx – 13Mpx interpolated (Dual-flash and autofocus) Camera
5Mpx – 8Mpx interpolated Front Camera

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16 Responses to Ubuntu Phone Unboxing and Hands On (bq Aquaris E4.5)

  1. sandi ristiady says:


  2. astienback says:

    UGLY USER INTERFACE!!! It's far beyond any basic android etc… smartphone…

  3. Alfred .G says:

    i dont see any future on Ubuntu phone….

  4. Benjamin Martin says:

    Does anyone in the USA have 4g on a bq 4.5? Thanks

  5. Joe Enocsson says:

    Am i wrong or is there no proper "home" or "desktop" on this OS?

  6. Chris Olivares says:

    Horrible design. First impression of that phone, cheap and clunky. Not much effort on the aesthetics to say the least.

    Thumbs down.

  7. Oscar Ruben Pineda Cordova says:

    Can we use this out of Europe? Can I use that in Mexico?

  8. Artur As says:

    +Jordan Keyes just don't understand why they didn't use a phone with higher specs, or this is only preview version and the software still needs optimizing? By the way you mentioned 'Le Meridien' hotel, if I'm correct it is a 5 star hotel, did they paid for your stay? By the way Ubuntu OS looks so smooth when scrolling on that device keeping in mind that it's not high-end phone.

  9. Eduard Voicu says:

    How many packages in the repos? Can you compile from source your own distro?
    Oh, and another thing : packages provides binaries for the cpu or for some framework? Are they compiled, or it uses jit? Thanks.

  10. Eduard Voicu says:

    60 fps…again

  11. Fin H says:

    Mini nit pick. Why at a London launch would they gave you a non British plug. That seems random.

  12. ThalassTKynn says:

    I'm still hopeful for a ubuntu touch/phone/whatevs rom for my various (samsung) devices. But they're older so I'm not holding my breath.

  13. Luanstar says:

    how much is this phone??

  14. Henry Sazo says:

    Es un buen cel y espero que este año eeste en guatemala

  15. Cool Cookie says:

    That's very nice but just out of curiosity who's funding all this? Don't tell me it's all from donations.

  16. Ubu the Tech Guru says:

    Thanks for making this video. I have ordered one, my friend in the netherlands got it for me, I can't to get it and get some videos up on my youtube channel. I wondered how many other US people got the very first ubuntu phone.