UNBELIEVABLE Facts You Never Knew About CELLPHONES!-Facts in 5

Did you know 80% of the world owns a cellphone? Or that the first cellphone cost ,000!? I explain this, and everything else you need to know about CELLPHONES in 5 minutes or less!
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Written/Edited by: Matthew Santoro, Jim Vaylin, Brock Sumner
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19 Responses to UNBELIEVABLE Facts You Never Knew About CELLPHONES!-Facts in 5

  1. Question Box says:

    Wow 5 times the number of PC's. Its hard not to imagine where we will be in a few years. I'm excited!

  2. geznicks says:

    Android is the best.

  3. KingBren says:

    Excuse me Matt but where did you get such a pretty sweater???? I'd like a link or shop name if possible!

  4. MckCheezy says:

    I bet some samsung fanboys are going to leave a comment about mathew iphone 6 and say something mean anyone else agree

  5. Kiel Enrique says:

    Sadly. I'm not a smartphone owner. Because parents.

    Plz help me.

  6. Pablo Pazos says:

    What is a cellphone? The question I wanted to get answered…. not

  7. Beck H says:

    Nice sweater, bro. :)

  8. cashes coins vlogs says:

    do xbox video

  9. Jada Franklin says:

    Who made phones?!

  10. Owlette says:

    I actually really like Monster Strike. It's super fun~

  11. Azaan Aziz says:


  12. Adrian X says:

    what's the music in the background called?

  13. Charger Dave says:

    Should i worry about the lauch all nukes app i just pushed… by mistake… i thought it said lauch al nudes

  14. The Pineapple Tomboy says:

    Pause the video at 2:34

  15. Thomas Beshara says:

    sell out

  16. Vanessa Owen says:

    am i the only one who calls cellphones mobile phones

  17. AS -games- AS says:

    Forget about simply throwing your phone away, the average phone has 0.03mg of gold, PURE SOLID GOLD, NOT THE CHEAP IPHONE 6S+ GOLD, LITERAL PURE GOLD, Extract it then sell it, it also has other valuable materials like zinc

  18. Dawn Stewart says:

    loving the shirt

  19. Jack Linde says:

    +Matthew Santoro You may have issues with this video in the US. Since this content was sponsored by Monster Strike, the US Federal Trade Commision (FTC.org) has some pretty strict rules about paid content and product placement in videos, and has recently been flexing its regulatory muscles over YouTube content. I believe the current rules requires that the video discloses at the beginning if the content was sponsored by another company, and it needs to be predominately displayed in the description as well. I know it's a little different from when a channel in general is sponsored, where the sponsor's message can be left to the end of the video. Canadian laws may differ. I know British laws are more strict when it comes to product placement content, and the british government (in conjunction with the BBC, I think), is now wrangling over what to do about YouTube videos from other countries where the laws are not the same. (+Tom Scott, another YouTuber from Britain, has a video on that topic.)

    I'm not trying to be a party pooper, but I wouldn't want to see your content being pulled or filtered from certain markets. Besides, it's a best practice to be upfront when someone wants to pay you to cover a specific topic in exchange for airtime for their product.

    This link should be able to help you with questions on the US side: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/ftcs-endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking