Unboxing Ebay Fail

I got scammed on ebay. i only got one of the three items i ordered, all i can say id watch out for scammers or dont use ebay.

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17 Responses to Unboxing Ebay Fail

  1. Cinemos Gaming says:

    Just call the person u got it from, and get ur money back

  2. King Calaver says:

    Omg dude u don't but expensive crap like an aloe divide on eBay that's just pure stupidness u never do that let this be a life lesson into the future

  3. Paulpro PP says:

    get wrekt

  4. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    kasian deh

  5. JetJunoir says:

    fake iPhone 5 lool if you noticed that guys

  6. buster street says:

    not an I phone 5 dude u got roped off damn it's a fake phone

  7. Peter G says:

    I crer errytime

  8. Galaxy Thieves says:

    That's the ipod

  9. Benjamin Albanese says:

    dont trust any Arabic EVER.

  10. Benjamin Albanese says:

    LOL, Fucking ISIS

  11. Alan Flores says:


  12. Jayjay Camorongan says:

    you should end your channel

  13. Jayjay Camorongan says:

    you should end your channel

  14. Ebony Caverly says:

    you poor thing

  15. József Zsolnai says:

    If u dont have money or want it for cheaper dont buy anything idiot retard americans!!!

  16. Abdallah Ali says:

    is this the iPhone 5 fake?

  17. DeadlyAlcohol says:

    Looks like you got F in the A