Unboxing Free Stuff (World War Phone)

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The story of one man (Me, Oliver Age 24) and his quest for a free phone.

Massive thank you to Giff Gaff for sending all of this stuff in return for a drawing… fantastic!

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Thanks a lot,
Oliver Age 24
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19 Responses to Unboxing Free Stuff (World War Phone)

  1. Herp Derpington says:

    It's amazing that major phone companies give enough of a crap about each individual customer to do stuff like this.

  2. alanadoesgymnastics says:

    Aww such a nice guy

  3. Ignacio Muñoz says:


  4. Bre9a says:

    They roasted O2 so much

  5. Observation Station says:

    they used a nice 3D phone color

  6. Josecano Cano says:

    I wanna try lol

  7. Monique Duce says:

    hold up giffgaff is a sim card thing lame

  8. Monique Duce says:

    i already have a phone samsung galaxy s5 with a cute case pink and black you sure you are 24 you look older than that and im not a cat person so yea how long does it take for giffgaff to arrive my bday is next month and i want a amazon fire hd 7

  9. Ace_conzy says:

    Look on my video

    I'm selling dust caps

  10. Dk Barrett says:

    Is this fun

  11. Vishal Khandelwal says:

    cool video brother, you can also find free stuff in Canada over here: munchkinsandwichDOTcom/free-stuff-Canada

  12. B&Mpictures says:

    Only a bad workman blames his tools.

  13. Mustache Baka says:

    LOL im lucky that i dont have a cat only a dog  

  14. Master HmongGK says:

    You sound like stampylongnose minecra

  15. Prasanth Suma says:

    do you bath every day

  16. Hawqon says:

    Do you sit with your computer and listen to music when you visit your parents?

  17. McJaews says:

    I love GiffGaff for doing this:) It shouldn't really be a big deal, but seeing as other phone companies, when making art trades, fail to deliver on their promises, I believe this needs celebration. Also, the packaged extras were such a treat! 

  18. Terncote says:


  19. Michael crilly says:

    You are good but fake