Unboxing my brand new phone xgody it is so big

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15 Responses to Unboxing my brand new phone xgody it is so big

  1. ZURIEL REED says:

    What is this phone called?

  2. Adam Mitchell says:


  3. Adam Mitchell says:

    Ive got the newest one called the x600

  4. Woofee The Wolf says:

    How old were you at the time

  5. Anton Mzhelskiy says:

    what make of Xgody is that I want to get it

  6. my videos says:

    hey buddy I like the phone.. what shop did you buy it from ??

  7. giveitago 4u says:

    they are called paki hats.

  8. Duffer Back says:

    Hei bro i buy this phone last week but for parts is not working you can tell me?

  9. Shoban Ravi says:

    Great video mate

  10. Moesha Holder says:

    can you do a video of the xgody camera please this would help alot♥

  11. Lydia Bentley says:


  12. 24-7Gaming says:

    16 mins vid make vlogs less time

  13. kyle ryder says:

    what are those things called on his head my friend wears one but dosnt tell me what it is btw im l liked and subscribed

  14. itsabout everything says:

    They are shut Chinese phones

  15. yoshienoo says:

    that was not my dad it was my grandad