Unboxing my fake homemade Pear Phone XT

Sorry to tell u people but the pear phone is not real….. LOL everyone KNOWS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!
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19 Responses to Unboxing my fake homemade Pear Phone XT

  1. Cosas De La Vida. says:

    jaja eso no es un perafon es un pedaso de carto segun tu perafon

  2. Fernanda Ferreira says:

    tendi nd que ela falo shshshshshshs

  3. Lamya Graham says:

    she did not Make that phone lieing and icarly shit ahhhh

  4. Xander L Candiota says:

    this is fake e para que e do brasil isso é falso

  5. H.S.S Magma H.R.S Nexus says:

    it will probaly be real in the future

  6. Foxy Gamer says:

    The different plug is a British one

  7. Michele Senese says:

    é falso si vede

  8. Mohammad Aliraqi says:

    fuck you
    skum bag

  9. The_realjasmine Winn says:


  10. Aaliyah's World says:

    this is fake its all hand writte

  11. Lisa Young says:

    Good job

  12. Camila Florentino says:

    so fake

  13. Camila Florentino says:

    so fake

  14. Keli Silva Lima says:

    and please

  15. Никита Лактионов says:


  16. Pedro Rodriguez Rodriguez says:


  17. Noжki Vorуйка says:

    Ты блять дура хуйло ускаглазое ?

  18. SnakeGaming says:

    Dang she took her time to do the manual I have no time like this

  19. Polyana Almeida says:

    quem é br comenta euu