Unboxing my new I phone 📱

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12 Responses to Unboxing my new I phone 📱

  1. Meagen Kasey says:

    I have the 6 in space gray

  2. djenebou cisse says:

    Where did u. Ur phone

  3. Andy Pham says:

    Where is your eyebrow

  4. Nadine Massimo says:

    ur pretty

  5. Joy Ikondu says:

    I have the same phone as u

  6. Shannon Hanson says:

    I accidently dropped my iPhone 5 down the toilet I know how you feel

  7. Emma and Teddy says:

    It's fake because they shouldn't have the bubbles

  8. Lizzy Rose says:

    Lol I had iPhone 5s 6 months ago but then I fancied the iPhone 6s so I got that even though I had to pay £2000 pounds for both iPhones lol

  9. Kiera Prior says:

    I'm just going to leave now

  10. Kiera Prior says:

    Could I ask how I am cyber bullying ?

  11. Bill Johnson says:

    Could you please do a give away of a iPhone but not give it to the toliet this time

  12. Kirsty Vlogs says:

    I got that phone but I'm getting a iPhone. 5c green xxx