Unboxing my New Phone!

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19 Responses to Unboxing my New Phone!

  1. Tey Tey says:

    U use your iPad

  2. Tey Tey says:

    That seem like a 6s and also isn't the same phone as your old one

  3. Kitty Unicorn101 says:

    AWWW I wish I had a phone

  4. Isabella Samaroo says:

    Why did you say cool when it came with a charger

  5. Kristie-Anne Green says:

    she's so young and if she's a good girl and does things to help her family she deserves it, but if she is a good 4 nothing spooilt brat then she's just luck

  6. FOOTY4U says:

    I got that phone

  7. Hayden Wilson says:


  8. XJAWS10 says:

    your like 8 I just got my first phone I'm 14 and its a slide

  9. Demorria Banks McCain says:

    Yea do more videos

  10. The Expert says:

    do what's on my iPhone video plzz

  11. Emma Dodel says:

    How old were you

  12. Ashley Benk says:

    the sticker is if you wanna send it back to the company it came from

  13. Holly Sider says:

    You should do a iPhone 6 case collection video 2016, and I really liked that video, I would appreciate if you would give me a shoutout or subscribe to my channel. Thanks!

  14. avery queen says:

    apple is tha best

  15. Dameion Curry says:

    gust do it man

  16. Sharon fraser says:

    A new purse didn't she mean phone

  17. Maddie Perkins says:

    I want a rose gold I phone 6 S

  18. BabyAliveChannel 10 says:

    yesterday I got an iPhone 5th at Walmart it was only 160 dollar mine in space gray

  19. Rebecca Xox says:

    Can u do a Whats in my iPhone 6