Unboxing my phone case iPhone 5c

Check back soon for Unboxing my iPhone and the unboxing of another phone case!
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18 Responses to Unboxing my phone case iPhone 5c

  1. Matthew Fields says:

    Or video

  2. Matthew Fields says:

    Can add me on your channel

  3. Matthew Fields says:

    I need a girlfriend

  4. Matthew Fields says:


  5. Matthew Fields says:

    I got a new one

  6. Matthew Fields says:

    My broke

  7. KingLuisGaming says:

    whats your instagram ?

  8. KawaiiEmojiGirl Is Awsome says:

    o g I have a pink iPhone 5c

  9. Leeann Parkerson says:

    What's your Instagram name?

  10. Sergio Lopez says:

    hey make more unboxing I phone case u are awesome

  11. Ahmad Subuh says:

    can you make a case collection pls and new vids!?

  12. LivingDeadLPS says:

    I have the white 5c.

  13. Reyna Stewart says:

    Is that a blanket at a curtain ?

  14. Ali Aktas says:

    Thanks for all your help and 9 to get the best 6th of July.

  15. Miriam Koller says:

    You're Inspiving! Hey thire, bad hole What do you tkink? !!

  16. Storm Boy says:


  17. Andrew Sidrak says:

    Alexia so true i am a boy and I watch her videos they are cool lol

  18. Matthew Fields says: