Unboxing of my new phone!!!

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16 Responses to Unboxing of my new phone!!!

  1. Rabiye Mehmedova says:

    I have the j5

  2. Blue Jelly says:

    It's not fake

  3. JT Smith says:

    OMG I have a note 3!

  4. Paula Gamer says:

    I have a5

  5. Camila Cuevas says:

    I bo not like that phone

  6. Alex Reynozo says:

    I have a 5s

  7. Alex Reynozo says:

    Samsung sucks Apple is better but Samsung copied everything from Apple like the Apple Watch

  8. Weston Wolfe says:

    I have the s5


    how do u gave a broke ass room but all that gear smh priorities

  10. Uzayr Jamal says:

    Spoiled Brat

  11. Isabella Lanazca says:

    i have a samsung galaxy prevail LTE i like it because its my first phone and im desprete

  12. Rahjhaun Deshields says:

    sooooi jealousw

  13. Niels Naenen says:

    why so big

  14. Adil Shahid says:


  15. Tekkcool Gaming says:

    Grrr me don't like Samsung me like Iphone but still nice vid