Unboxing pear phone

Unboxing pear phone from the pearfone package. You can check out the product on the www.pearfone.com web page. We deliver worldwide.
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19 Responses to Unboxing pear phone

  1. M MAN GGG says:

    where do you get that

  2. Jordan DeMoure says:

    They don't sell in America

  3. Vilde Vesterdal Kikut says:

    that phone is fake besauce its a hol in it

  4. Elena Anastasi says:


  5. Piotr Tekieli says:

    ile kosztuje

  6. Ricky M. says:


  7. Ricky M. says:

    Those stickers make it so fake

  8. Ricky M. says:

    Why do u need to wear gloves -.-

  9. Edgar Mendonça says:

    pensei que não existia…..

  10. SuperCo says:

    can you sell it without the hole for the keychain?

  11. Evelyn Borsari says:

    sono l'unica italiana?

  12. Noah Van Biessum says:

    samsung vs apple vs pearphone. who wins? leave a comment

  13. Asheeka Tulloch says:


  14. Ridwan Mohamed says:

    Can I have 1 ha

  15. Marie Burton says:

    it,s a toy XD

  16. Alvin Rubik says:

    sorriest excuse for a phone ever

  17. natalie Clarke says:

    victorious bought me here