Unboxing Pixel, Phone by Google

Unboxing Pixel, Phone by Google

Introducing Pixel and Pixel XL, Google’s first ever smartphones. With unlimited storage and seamless integration with everything Google offers, we used the phones to shoot and store all the footage and pictures and made this unboxing video.

Order your Pixel, Phone by Google today: http://vz.to/2dbx6bC


Verizon News: http://vz.to/1XY1BD1
Twitter: http://vz.to/1Wvb0mD
Facebook: http://vz.to/249s0oz
Instagram: http://vz.to/26AG60O
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18 Responses to Unboxing Pixel, Phone by Google

  1. Jose Ruiz says:

    Nice video, Verizon. I'll order mine from Google so I can use it on T-Mobile. Thanks ;)

  2. odsca says:

    do your research people it's not Verizon exclusive lol… -_-

  3. Nizar Noor says:

    So what's in the box?

  4. Mike Agnew (QuantumFluxx) says:

    Try not locking the bootloader on your version of the handset… Oh wait, you want to force a new device on people as soon as possible and God forbid people use tethering without paying a service fee. I don't understand why all of the major manufacturers condone VZW's ridiculous policies by intentionally manufacturing phones that won't work on VZW's network. It seems like anyone wanting to make a phone with CDMA and LTE bands 4 and 13 needs to come to some sort of agreement with VZW first – which always involves them putting their crap on the device and locking/encrypting the bootloader. They even softbricked people's Note 5 devices when they tried to root them, turning a $7-800 phone into a paperweight. Google needs to come out with a damned [carrier/bootloader] unlockable phone and stop giving VZW the power to do this crap.

  5. Jesse Scott says:

    does anyone know if the Verizon one comes with the earbuds?

  6. mosincredible says:

    Get rid of CDMA morons.

  7. James Marshall says:

    Looks so ugly tho

  8. Maung Moe says:

    too damn expensive

  9. turbonut20v says:

    how about some unlimited data with that unlimited storage, or are you going to take that away and say its something your customers don't need because YOU SAID SO?

  10. MrRottensalad says:

    Verizon sucks!

  11. sevenvt says:

    Exclusive to verizon? Isn't that an outright lie?

  12. x213ERx says:

    Lol yeah unlimited storage but if you don't have unlimited data you're fucked lol.

  13. Adam “Vegas” 7 says:

    Love how it said all uploaded on the Verizon network yet you can see that while walking around the phone is connected to wifi, because we all know Verizon will charge you that data for your phone just using small background amounts 😉 Verizon I can't wait till your customers learn to get smart and leave, you're a corrupted and vile Telecom, even more then AT&T

  14. Clément Noxe (X3N) says:

    Je vois pas le rapport avec Verizon haha

  15. Total Security says:

    If you don't like carriers, go here. https://madeby.google.com/phone/

  16. Waleed Rezq says:

    design copy from iphone !!!!!!

  17. yogosans14 says:


    T MOBILE IS WHERE ITS AT. This phone is gonna FLOP!

  18. Batman says:

    How ironic..