Unboxing the BLU R1 HD: A $59 phone!

Unboxing the BLU R1 HD: A  phone!

After striking a deal with Amazon to include ads for discounted prices, BLU’s R1 HD is already primed at shattering our expectations of what kind of smartphone can buy you.

Intro Song: “Little Idea – Bensound.com”

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13 Responses to Unboxing the BLU R1 HD: A $59 phone!

  1. Dominexanbarbie27 says:

    what was the name of the original phone before it was rebranded to the r1 hd?

  2. glocklvr22 says:

    Good video thank you

  3. Bo Vorachack says:

    the battery life is good. I average about 5hrs of sot.:)

  4. Bo Vorachack says:

    this phone is as snappy as a high-end phone. I can't believe a phone this cheap in price could be soooo good.lol
    the only downside is the camera and tinny speaker.

  5. Ku ug says:

    How badly do lockscreen ads effect your data? Does using a 3rd party lockscreen merely hide the lockscreen ads or does it prevent them from being loaded?

  6. Matthew Garabrandt says:

    I've ordered the same phone and model. On yours do you notice any lines on the metal bezel near the corners? My phone has 3 straight lines near the corners on the bezel and I'm not sure it's normal or not.

  7. Vladimir Deric says:

    will this phone work in australia?

  8. Brandon McKee says:

    good review. mine comes in tomorrow. just watch that brightness man.

  9. Prism IV says:

    so u cant update it to android 6.01

  10. Ahsanul Khan says:

    is it gorilla glass?

  11. Ben Dover says:

    pokemon go?

  12. TechRight says:

    Awesome unboxing bro! Keep it up!

  13. SkiddyScud says: