Unboxing the Google Pixel XL

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5 Responses to Unboxing the Google Pixel XL

  1. Parksville Can says:

    People don't care if it's manufacturer by HTC or not. Google designed there own hardware and HTC is manufacturing Pixel to bring to market. Apple designs there hardware and then everything is out sourced to various supplies, then Foxconn manufacturers the iPhone in china to bring to market.

  2. SlideRSB says:

    Will this charge with the USB-A cable if connected to a regular USB charger?

  3. eternalozzie says:

    so with the "htc swept under the rug" train of thought you used the iphone should be "iphone by foxcon" :/ no … apple designed it and foxcon makes it …. pixel was designed by google and made by HTC … same difference

  4. Miguel Puccio says:

    No headphones… :(

  5. Arslane Rida says:

    wooooooow !!!!!❤❤❤❤