Unboxing the Jolla Phone

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“We are offering something brand new.” An interview with Jolla co-founder Marc Dillon

It’s a Jolla phone! Er … a Jolla. *Our* Jolla. Whatever the proper phrasing, the flagship device from Finland’s most ambitious mobile outfit has finally landed on our doorstep – and we’re here to show you what unboxing it feels like!

We’re pressed for time on this one though, folks, so we’re relying on you to help us out with our first-ever Sailfish OS review! With only three days to spend with a demo unit, we need you to tell us exactly what you want to know about Jolla Ltd., the Jolla itself, and the fresh new operating system powering it.

Normally we’d answer those questions ourselves (and we’ll try to do so in this case too) but fortunately, the company has granted us the opportunity to pose questions directly to a familiar face: Marc Dillon, co-founder of Jolla and the firm’s current head of software. We’ll be talking to Marc tomorrow morning, and bundling bits of our interview into the final review – so if you’ve got questions, pass them along down in the comments (or tweet them at us) before 10a ET, and we’ll do our best to get them answered!

In the meantime, lean back and check out the first Jolla ever to cross our desk. From its Other-Half construction to its clean new OS, this new device is quite a treat – and we can’t wait to show you what it’s like to carry one over the next 72 hours!


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19 Responses to Unboxing the Jolla Phone

  1. Luke Evans says:

    are these available in the US and if it is can it work with a Verizon sim

  2. Paul “Mr. Penriquez” Enriquez-Goehring says:

    I do like the way that the keyboard looks

  3. E. Nieminen says:

    Jolla means small boat in finnish

    and btw he calls it "joula" not jolla xD

  4. Jafu Dar says:

    Wanna talk a look on hardware and performance

  5. Scrooge Richy says:

    Tony Stark?! OoO

  6. Indonesia says:

    It's "Yolla" or "Jolla"?

  7. fromcincinnati says:

    I'm a finn (and a hell of a patriotic one, I'd say) and I haven't heard of such an expression as MF said at the beginning of the video. Well, #JOLO.

  8. David Satya says:

    This one is beautiful

  9. Dontpickmelast101 says:

    I like the UI

  10. Bilal Khettab says:

    The frame rate is slower, made the device look bad!

  11. Fiachra Gallagher says:

    Trisha, PLEASE play yourself :P

  12. aditia saputra says:

    this is android to?

  13. L.GH. Djoetma says:

    qHD @ €399,- is a hard price point. Lot's of options offer 720p at this price point or even 1080p.

    Battery life is said to be top notch though…

  14. Rajay Khan says:

    He loves saying Jolla.

  15. EbilinforcerDJ says:

    Using a sony NEX for recording lel. 

  16. Erin Asadourian says:

    Also saw branding on the back.

  17. faizan ar says:

    I wanna purchase ds phone' golla available in malaysia? ?

  18. Simon Jančar says:

    your unboxings and everything is just above everything else on you tube (y)

  19. Clin9289 says:

    I keep thinking "YOLO" when I think of "Jolla".