Unboxing The Samsung Galaxy S5 Cell Phone from Ebay

(8-20-2015) My s4 died so I had to replace it. Reason I by my phones used is because I’m grandfathered into Verizons unlimited plan and I use about 20 GB of data a month.
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20 Responses to Unboxing The Samsung Galaxy S5 Cell Phone from Ebay

  1. Nicholas Tesar says:

    I prefer iPhone.

  2. john smith says:

    do you belive in those sellers on ebay,i wanna order the new phone off the ebay,but i am in fear of being scamed,can you help me,give me some advice maybe ?

  3. Dales Elevators says:

    DieselDucy I think you should look around for the S7.

  4. Lifty Lucas says:

    Do you thing you can do an Apple phone on boxing next time?

  5. 85irocz28 says:

    Who was the seller jw Bc I bought from bidallies I have heard a bunch of bad things afraid I got myself into a pickle hasn't arrived yet tho btw good job

  6. 85irocz28 says:

    Which seller how much

  7. Johanna Cordero says:

    Guys I have a Samsung galaxy s5 before

  8. Mr Strong John says:

    cool :)

  9. Elevators from Tel Aviv by IsraeliElevatorFilmer2000 says:

    Maybe, I will get this cell phone very soon.

  10. Following the Map says:

    This phone is waterproof.

  11. Kristin Crodian says:

    My Dad has the Galaxy Note 4.

  12. Neilson Yang says:

    excuse me , can you send me the ebay website where you got this phone from
    ?i wanna get one too

  13. lukejenkins10 says:

    from personal experience go launcher will kill your phone within a matter of days

  14. WestCoast Elevators says:

    Nice. I am still rocking my Galaxy S4.

  15. NENECHEKES says:

    he has the same password i have

  16. June W. says:

    The S5 is much better than the S6. The S6 doesnʻt have USB 3.0, Waterproofing, Removable battery or SD Card.

  17. ItzGame20 Creator of GamerKid12 says:

    I love this elevator!

  18. spcsyracuse 1056 says:

    Dude that's a fake s5

  19. Rob Fassi says:

    smart move what you did by buying a used phone without contact and the s5 is great

  20. Kyle West says:

    water resistant… it can handle up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes