Unboxing ZenFone 3 Max | ASUS

The ASUS ZenFone 3 Max is here! Let’s take a close look at what comes in the box and how the Max feels.

Learn more about the ZenFone 3 Max here: www.asus.com/Phone/ZenFone-3-Max-ZC520TL”

Learn more about the ZenFone 2 Laser here!

5-inch: https://www.asus.com/Phone/ZenFone-2-Laser-ZE500KL/
5.5-inch: https://www.asus.com/Phone/ZenFone-2-Laser-ZE550KL/
6-inch: https://www.asus.com/Phone/ZenFone-2-Laser-ZE600KL/
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16 Responses to Unboxing ZenFone 3 Max | ASUS

  1. Chihaya says:

    does it support fast charge?

  2. Taras Kolomiyets says:

    Tell me please, when I can officially buy a smartphone in Ukraine with official warranty and imported legally? There are no forces to wait so long

  3. Jonathan Senanin says:

    can i use live record in zenfone max ?

  4. Daniel Huerta says:

    stop your bull shit and give us the asus zenfone ultra u.s release date.

  5. Jackson Oliveira says:

    Qual é a CPU?? E memoria ram?

  6. Man Spider says:

    when is the asus zenfone 3 laser gonna release on the philippines? ill wait on that phone.

  7. Thomas Louie says:

    720 resolution = fail!
    back speakers = fail!

  8. Jaguar Jaguar says:

    what is the price

  9. inlovekay kimjiwon says:

    still zenfone 2 Marshmallow update are buggy please release the asus source code we will make a fully stable aosp rom

  10. will shang says:

    hate the loud music, and when the guy talks they lower the volume …. Love the zenfone 3 brand tho

  11. AnonyBlack Bro! says:

    awesome can i get one free hahhaha

  12. Muhammad Hafizh Haekal says:

    when zen3max available in Indonesia?

  13. Himanshu Sharma says:

    Awesome I want this if comes in affordable pricing in INDIA

  14. 無聊人 says:

    why no Chinese I for hk

  15. ул ррргеуоокь лпотоомоии по says: