Using The World’s Smallest Phone…

Using The World's Smallest Phone...

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This video was fun to make. Had a chance to test out what I believe is the World’s smallest phone. It’s so tiny that you can wear it as a headset, yet it’s an entire phone with sim card slot! It also has a built in voice changer which is fun to play with. Some of the voices include Optimus Prime and Wall-e.

It seems like this device goes by a few different names including Sonica and J8 as well as Long-CZ.

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18 Responses to Using The World’s Smallest Phone…

  1. Brian Johnson says:

    Tiny phone with built in voice changer. Thats a prison phone.

  2. boek dancer says:

    ultimate burner

  3. andybub46 says:

    Guys why did his glasses change halfway through…

  4. Prince Awal says:

    belive me I've seen smaller phone then this

  5. BLUE monster says:

    ahhahahhh I love that phoneeee hahahah plz send it too mee btw I don't have a phone

  6. Isaac Silva says:

    I actually really want this phone.

  7. Moustache Cash Stash 21 says:

    The intro…

  8. NVA Film says:

    still bigger than my Samsung gear 2. my phone is smaller

  9. fishbizkit says:

    It has to be Derek Zoolander´s phone!

  10. Tatiana Fomina says:


  11. _Explosions_ says:

    Hes High

  12. Muhammad Danish says:

    I would like to have this cuticle phone but I can use this as my nail for hammer but I don't want to make this kidney bean to cry

  13. Karim Alhadi says:

    this does fit in your ass hole

  14. umer nazakat says:

    you are aowsom bro

  15. ZaInU 69 says:

    I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Alex Voinea says:

    This phone is good to blackmail people XD

  17. 6 LADOS says:

    Good! But u can't play Pokémon go on it!

  18. TheGodPotatoe Tako says:

    techrax will destroy 1,000 of these