Where is Hillary in Cell Phones 9/15/2016

I can’t find HRC in the cell phones from the audience. Can you? Original video is here:

it’s around 27 minutes in.

From reddit: (HRC appears in this video of same event)

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18 Responses to Where is Hillary in Cell Phones 9/15/2016

  1. TheDengiz1 says:

    4:44 you did not mentioned at the right side the satanic symbolism hand sign that points to hillary ….

  2. M&M Papaya says:

    I'm so confused can someone explain what is going on?

  3. Cliffjumper24 says:

    Crikey guys…. this is so simple.

    Phones have wide angle lenses (which are good for selfies).

    Look at the scene; https://heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-3-17-44-pm.jpg?quality=65&strip=all&w=780

    and this one

    Now look at the original video with the phones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXZp2LZucP0

    Pause at 0:00 and look at the phone of the lady in the pink floral top.

    can see the flags (which look like pinky red sticks) just above the
    heads, with the grey structural framework behind the flag her left hand
    is overlapping.

    Then you can see the horizontal framework of the
    gallery with the U-shaped red-white&blue banners hanging above the
    frame, with more grey framework (with diagonal struts) above the

    No camera tricks, no blue screen….. just an illustration of how cell phones are crap for video at range.

  4. Mole Downunder says:

    It's just the way the camera is set up. The camera is set up far back
    above the audiences head and zoomed in close, so the audience and the
    background seem closer together than they actually are. In reality, the
    audience is relatively far away and that's' why you see the whole room
    in their phones. Look at these photo's: http://puu.sh/riLQd/bd8cb09990.jpg http://puu.sh/riLRU/fdf494a3f2.jpg Source: http://heavy.com/news/2016/09/hillary-clinton-greensboro-north-carolina-rally-photos-returns-after-pneumonia-pictures-health-speech-how-is-she-protests-crowd-pics/5/

  5. bilvis48 says:

    i like the 2 satan worshippers that give hillary the devils Horns as she goes by right at the end of the vid…one on the left with a white watch…and one on the right with a pink/red wristband

  6. heyyouthere4 says:

    Hillary is a vampire.

  7. Shane Osborne says:

    where "are" Hillary's cellphones ?

  8. browser067 says:

    Instead of all those ppl having cameras they should have guns and put that insect down.

  9. Shane Osborne says:

    those are pictures of the Italian countryside.

  10. Blue Apple says:

    hetes another angle. ..see the flag is not behind her, prople are.

  11. Blue Apple says:

    if you see the side angle of this event youll see the flag is off to the right and theres a ton of people standing behind her…just look for the other footage. ..seems legit, unfortunately

  12. King Man says:

    The two piece of plastics were on top of the metal stands when she was walking and hugging that woman but missing in the side shot video.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9PiJHRIV9I    The clear plastics were not on the stands

  13. Gaylen Tibbitt says:

    You didn't notice at 2:51 in your video, that she is pointing to the flag. There are no people there for her to point or wave at.

  14. Fidez Ustradiz says:

    fake crowds on green screen with project blue beam holographic Hillary on the stage

  15. Anthony Padilla says:

    Very cool!

  16. Corey Petroskey (GamingWithCorey) says:

    4:49 illuminati