Why we should rethink our relationship with the smartphone | Lior Frenkel | TEDxBG

Why we should rethink our relationship with the smartphone | Lior Frenkel | TEDxBG

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Lior Frenkel explains why being hooked to our Smartphones is the most interesting – yet silent – addiction of our times. Supposing the Smartphone is here to stay, he urges us to become aware of the addiction – and discuss how a digital diet should look like – a moment before technology becomes a part of our physical bodies.

Lior Frenkel is Co-Founder and CEO of the nuSchool, and the founder of UNDIGITIZE.ME – a social project dealing with Smartphone addiction. He also writes and speaks about the digital world and the Y-Generation (Wired Magazine, Web Summit).
Lior has graduated from the Technion (B.Sc) and has an MA in Philosophy and History of Science and Ideas from Tel-Aviv Uni.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

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47 Responses to Why we should rethink our relationship with the smartphone | Lior Frenkel | TEDxBG

  1. Laura Ess says:

    I didn’t get a mobile phone until I was 46, and that wasn’t a smartphone. I got one of these when I was 56, and for the longest time I used it only as clock and to take calls. Last year I upgraded to a smartphone with a larger screen though mostly the apps used were camera, clock and public transport timetables. But I only did that because I was traveling back to my home city to visit relatives. When I ride the buses and trains, I generally either read a magazine or or book, look out the window, or chat with other passengers.

  2. Atul Patil says:

    it’s really helpful!!!

  3. Kelly L says:

    How about we all boycott smartphones and start buying those ancient phones that simply just text and call?

    …..Right after my two year iPhone contract is up in 2019.

  4. Luis Camillo Almeida, Ph. D. says:

    Although we differ in the reasons why we believe we are addicted to the smartphone, it seems that we have much similarities in thought. Have you ever heard about the Homo Sapiens Immodicus? This is why I think we are to attached to our smartphones. http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/reboot-humanity/

  5. Eohit vakua says:

    Okay I going on Digital diet ie uninstalling crap app and turning off notifications for all except some important ones..

  6. MonkeyMan says:

    Bang your girlfriend doggy style which she plays candy crush. That’s hot.

  7. signalfire6 says:

    Someone did a restaurant study about ‘turnaround times’ of the tables; they found out that people taking pictures of their food and talking about the pictures and emailing the pictures to friends and putting them up on Yelp was causing them to spend a half hour more at each table, ruining turnover times for the restaurant owners and thus their ‘yelp’ reviews as well as incomes… hey everybody, no one wants to see the picture of your lunch… or for that matter, you in your dirty bathroom mirror with all your clutter behind you…

  8. TheBookWorm1718 says:

    Checking your Smartphone DURING sex, yeah, that’s when you KNOW you’re addicted.

  9. redsonjaable says:

    Sad times now! Go out with friends and see that friends are always glued to their phones. Days without the smartphone were so nice, hope those days come back.

  10. Living Free Forever - Melody & Ric Schafer says:

    I think it is very important to put the phone down and have dinner with your family every day. Talk to each other and don’t rush off to get back on the phones or computers. I find it relaxing 🙂

  11. TheBo0mer says:

    I don’t use my phone at all when I’m camping or out in the woods. Though I do want to try out my phone’s compass tool sometime. I have my Facebook notifications turned off and I don’t have and don’t want a twitter account. I don’t use Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, nothing like that. Other than communication, I mostly use my phone for taking small video clips, and I don’t do that much anymore either. I sometimes watch YouTube on my phone instead of my laptop when I’m in my bedroom, though. Overall, I think that compared to the average person I don’t overuse my phone.

  12. Victoria Bentley says:

    c i dont have those problems… im fine with ppl socially.. i can stay off my phone.. i dont use social media… i dont use games… my problem is i only use it at home and i cant stay off it… i surf the internet like no tomorrow… what do i do??

  13. X85gilreath _ says:

    gave up my note 2 for an old pseudo BlackBerry without any internet capabilities and I feel so much more immersed in my life. This is a great tt, its so true.. smartphones make the bad moments less bad, but I feel now I wasnt ever enjoying life to the fullest with my phone tying me down.. idk. just my experience

  14. Dorathick Dr says:

    Very Inspiring ….

  15. Doug Novato says:

    The guys in the prision agree with this video.

  16. Kobin Kago says:

    I’m not using my phone.
    My phone is using me.

  17. Mi Ki says:

    thankyou for your contribution. however, your sub is not totally accurate. I found some common mistakes. make it more perfect.

  18. Mike Jones says:

    why look out the window when you have a magical windows that can peer into infinity in your hands?!

  19. cxcarmic says:

    Glad I don’t own a smartphone. I don’t need one at all.

  20. Scott Gordon says:

    Personally, I leave my phone at home unless I am traveling well outside my city.

  21. Tatersalad19 Cars says:

    the smarter our phones get the stupider we get, kids nowdays don’t have to learn how to write, they have spell check, who needs math, they have calculators, who needs history, they have google to look up anything

  22. kstitz77 says:

    What am I supposed to do, I don’t have a cell phone?

  23. Mike Jones says:

    that one guy had a huge ass phone

  24. Natty Ryan says:

    Thumbs up if you’re watching this on your smartphone

  25. Bizzle GTi says:

    I literally hate mobile phones, I have been forced to use a mobile because I have to as that’s how people like communicate , I have friends who talk more on the phone than in real life

  26. plutoplatters says:

    HOw come we  don’t grab our toasters and crockpots every  2 minutes all day long every day ??

  27. Spike says:

    This needs more views

  28. Minnaaa says:

    Tbh my smartphone is very addicted to me.

  29. biasandoval1 says:

    I stayed a month withou my phone and it was the best thing ever!! Probably gonna do this again real soon

  30. Noah Tile says:

    Shabbat!!!! 25 hour unplug-

  31. Olena Zavgorodnia says:

    In my opinion, you’ve misunderstood the concept of your addiction, i.e. it is the artificial intelligence and not the hi-tech phone as you think, and you’re misinforming your students as well. More than that, you’re misinterpreting anthropological progress in cognitive perception with your personal neophobia-maniacal syndrome. Shame on you!!!

  32. Pierre Ramirez says:

    Interesting! there are just few people who are really interested on talking about this kind of issues.

  33. plutoplatters says:

    the whole damn  world is sucking on cellphones 24/7  like a pacifier and we’re asking  .. " is it an addiction"  !!!! brilliant

  34. PlasmaMongoose says:

    It sounds less to do with an addiction to smartphones themselves then it being social media/communication addiction with smartphones being the new favourite medium to access those features.

  35. Penni Lynne says:

    I gave my smart phone away 3 years ago and went back to a land line. I have a desk top for computer usage/social media/checking email … but have to be home from work, done with chores, etc. in order to go on line.

  36. Lily pad says:

    everything in moderation ppl moderatttioiiioioiiiionn

  37. Pond Kham Harn says:

    I am sharing and telling my friends your ideas, Frenkel.

  38. Captain Max says:

    I have a Motorola Razr flip phone. I think its about 10 years old. I got it because it is Bluetooth compatible and does what I need a phone to do. I have computers at work and at home that are much easier to operate. Smart phones are a luxury I just don’t get. I don’t get Facebook either. I sent this in on a fax

  39. vignesh mani says:

    great speech. I’m trying to stop overusing my phone. it’s really helpful.

  40. Vegas Cycling Freak says:

    Sex or cell phone? Bye bye cell phone!

  41. • Anastasia • says:


  42. jace Forrest says:

    finally someone actually talks about how fucked up smartphones are.

  43. Zlat Todo says:

    He should have touched on how many people die taking selfies every year. That’s some scary stuff

  44. Eohit vakua says:

    Okay I going on Digital diet ie uninstalling crap app and turning off notifications for all except some important ones..

  45. John Greystoke says:

    So how long till we can implant this technology in our bodies? More importantly, how long till we are legally required to do so? Or is the plan to just make slavery or even voluntary servitude so convenient that its like what has been prophesied for thousands of years. That no man may buy, sell, or travel without the number of the beast which is also the number of a man. And it makes sense because its already that way, for example, you cannot buy or sell property, or even take a plane, train, or drive anywhere without a valid number. IE a legal fiction/Identification, thus signifying your acceptance of this beast, which is reportedly a government or superpower/group of governments, controlled by another for an even more diabolical plot of incrementally enslaving the masses. Those who have wisdom have known this for thousands of years with very little changing. The rest use endless justification for the willfully blind and proud of it norm that has always embodied so called civilization. The #1 justification being convenience. Starting with Eve seeing that it was good for life to take on the so called knowledge of good and evil. But thats a story about the fallacy of man, better left for discussing another time.

  46. elan says:

    Thank YOU!!! I love your talk and your websight! Our brains are being hacked!!! Our bodies are being radiated!!! Within the first couple of minutes, you ask everyone to put their phones away, like in their pocket. But you did NOT tell them to TURN their little radar transmitters OFF first! There are physiological dangers, not just psychological. TAKE BACK YOUR MIND! Get rid of your STUPID phone!

  47. NarawaGames says:

    And here I am, playing Clash Royale.