Women Sync Their Vaginas To Their Smartphones

Brrring, brrrinng! Who’s there? Your WOMANHOOD.

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Dark Star
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The Latin Affair
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Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

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20 Responses to Women Sync Their Vaginas To Their Smartphones

  1. Stephanie Shannon says:

    what exactly was the benefits of doing that?

  2. Kartik Sahu says:

    sync what ??

  3. Maria St. says:

    bring the new girl back pls

  4. Original Gainstas says:

    What did I just watch.

  5. kevin w says:

    why does every buzzfeed employee have something wrong with them :/

  6. Kauplup says:

    Dumbest product ever.

  7. its natalie says:

    Why does every comment have more that 100 likes ?

  8. Laura Whitney says:

    "It's amazing having all of this information about your vagina at your fingertips" ……pun intended?

  9. PrincessLuLu says:

    This company should make one for men. And maybe a lite version of what they have now that isn't so expensive

  10. Kellie Gonzales (kelliegonzo) says:

    Why was that one gal's husband "not psyched" she was doing it??

  11. AwesomeGuy says:

    I read the title and instantly thought of Ohmibods lmfao

  12. meikusje says:

    When she said 'people say starting is the hardest part' I heard 'sardine is the hardest part' and I had absolutely no clue what she was talking about. But then I listened to it again and now I get it :P

  13. André Costa says:

    I read microphones.

  14. Maria Salazar says:

    "I cannot have anything go inside my vagina…." I am SOOOO sorry.

  15. Paris Folsom says:

    I have a friend name Keegan.
    One day my gym teacher nicknamed him Kegels.
    He told us not to look it up.

  16. The Scorpion says:


  17. Carina Johnson says:

    Want, too bad it's $200

  18. Consuelo Galdo says:

    weird people u ruined the most sacred gift of ur body !have u noticed that when flesh was burn i mean the whole body its only da vagina remains unburned !you can try it i wolf froof to u ladies!!!

  19. Emmy95 says:

    Not sure how I feel about placing something with bluetooth INSIDE the body so close to important organs…