World’s Smallest Android Phone!

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This thing is insane! It’s easily the smallest phone I’ve ever handled. Welcome to miniature Android.

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20 Responses to World’s Smallest Android Phone!

  1. Sergio Enrique Sánchez Jiménez says:

    The perfect phone for Donald Trump…

  2. Nina wara Liendo zarate says:

    nice, would be easy to take everywhere and to fit in a pocket

  3. mustapha supas says:

    i used it for half of a year, it was a nightmare

  4. Master Wooz Angelz says:

    I bought this for my cousin and put it inside a 6s box when she opened it she was crying I told her I didn't have a damn phone when I was a kid you expect a 6s now ???

  5. Salvatore Marciano says:

    This isn't world's small smartphone strunz

  6. princeofdarknessxyz1 says:

    wish they made the edges of the phone like iphone 5se

  7. feralshad0w says:

    This is all a lie… Sony x10 mini anyone? I loved my x10 mini, and it had a better screen.. granted it couldnt run most apps even in the gingerbread days, but I played a lot of chess and watched a lot of youtube on it.

  8. Tomfissh says:

    for $89.99 fuk that

  9. ‫منوعات‬‎ says:

    Subscribe to my channel subscribe to my channel

  10. Swayam Lodaya says:

    oh yeah

  11. John cena says:

    just the right size for playstation players, kappa

  12. Jay Harris says:

    want anything smaller then this buy a Chinese smartphone watch. then try typing on it.

  13. Doge K9 unit says:

    insert posh meme here

  14. Negiku says:

    Interesting but not really surprising as Chinese have made many android smartwatches which has all the basic functions of a smartphone and they're way smaller than that.

  15. Ryuzaki Raiga says:

    keyboard too small to see. why they not include physical keyboard Just like blackberry???

  16. Ghostwalker CIA says:

    I don't know I think I like 32bit phone better

  17. abdullah hajat says:

    too expensive

  18. Samu BRidges says:

    oh fuck yes i want that omfg