Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 – Budget Smartphone BEAST

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 – Budget Smartphone BEAST

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 will be one of the Best Budget Android Smartphones in 2017. It will have a better Camera, Processor (Snapdragon 660 / 630), and specifications than the Xiaomi Redmi note 4 from 2016.

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44 Responses to Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 – Budget Smartphone BEAST

  1. Jan Christian Frodahl says:

    Well my floor is cold so I don`t want a phone that blows my socks off..
    I`ll get a cold 🙁

  2. Sajith GT says:

    Love your videos

  3. Mahir Daiyan says:

    is there any official release for this phone?

  4. mike thimios says:

    You my man deserve at least 5 mil subs wish you hit 1 mil though also great videos great quality and product presentations RESPECT <3

  5. Jed Teng says:

    It seems like you are wrong about the design,now that they have an updated screen!…

  6. technical news apps anu says:

    Please watch this video xiamoi redmi brief description

  7. Ed Deocariza says:

    Wow different accent!

  8. Anjaneya Varma K.C says:

    Please do a review on Xiaomi Mi A1

  9. Haileyesus Zemed says:

    the background song?

  10. muhammed azad says:

    how will this chip hold out against 820 or 821 socs ?

  11. salman khan says:

    Hey Buddy Thanks For The New Specs And What About Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Launches When In India

  12. Acceleration Gate says:

    I can respect a man who knows how to display his Halo Encyclopedia well.

  13. Ziad Nazar says:

    The moment your intro starts I smash the like button ! One of the best reviewers.. kudos man keep going 🙂

  14. Aman Choudhary says:

    Damn u sounds like make version of siri

  15. Emran Mahamud says:

    I like your.vidio music

  16. Amelia Cole says:

    I was looking for the best FB group with discount codes and I found this:
    I think it’s worth joining

  17. Swoocer Boi says:

    one criticism, there is a massive difference between mb/s and MB/s, 600mb/s is around 75MB/s, Megabits and Megabytes are important to know the difference of, or you get the misunderstanding that a phone is capable of downloading files at 600MB/s+

  18. TheWolfHowling says:

    Getting really tired of OEMs cutting down battery capacity after choosing more power efficient components. Why not keep the big battery with that power sipping SoC for epic endurance?

  19. Cheap Finds says:

    Got mine from GearBest which is on sale for only $119.99 free shipping https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_712919.html?lkid=11292325

  20. Plokami says:

    Apparently the fingerprint sensor will be located on the back rather than in the front.(accor. to latest rumours at least.)

  21. unFamous o.O says:

    Xiaomi change the sensor on Redmi note 4x. Will they still do same here in note 5?

  22. Jay Vaun Manos says:

    When is it going to be available?

  23. mont murillo says:

    Should I get the note 4x or note 5

  24. Believe in Ahri says:

    0:16 song name ?

  25. amit kumar says:

    release date ?

  26. abhay choraria says:

    Roumer videos are a bore.

  27. Hazrat-e-zalzalat Jaljalat says:

    What about gorilla glass?? Please anyone can help me…. Is redmi note 5 coming with Corning gorilla glass?? And when is it coming ?

  28. Sindeesh Dinesh says:

    where can i download that music playing from 0.15sec.

  29. G.S. Dhaliwal says:

    *a comment*

  30. ALL N ALL Productions says:

    My new Lenovo K8 Note

  31. kishore gautam says:

    What is the name of your background music track?

  32. Punyo Ota says:

    Any idea of release date??

  33. Combinacijus says:

    Wait redmi note 5 is already released? And it’s old video what. Is it available only in one country? When will it release globally?

  34. Soumyayan Roy says:

    Sir do you follow Indian smartphone launches? In India, a new smartphone is launched named Honor 9i from huawei. please make a review of it in your style if possible.

  35. alen roy says:

    some leaks are saying that it has a dual camera please clarify it

  36. Rishi Satapathy says:

    Why dont you use the intro in all your videos?? ITS REALLY COOL

  37. Tanmai Chodankar says:

    note 5 looks like a great deal

  38. don dominic says:

    Got any idea about its launch date?

  39. Priyesh Dabre says:

    Are you sure about 630/660 i was about to buy mi A1 please reply

  40. Gaurav Tripathi says:

    which country are you from?

  41. Hanna Zakiy says:

    00:14 – 00:21
    i break the rewind button for this

  42. Emtiaz Ahammed says:

    Mrwhosetheboss you are the original boss….

  43. Gaming Nation says:

    omg i didnt even realise that this was 3 months ago! i thought it was today’s