ZTE Axon 7 Unboxing: Budget Busting First Impressions

Is this the real flagship budget buster for 2016? Before we can review this monster phone with a mid-range price, we have to get it out of the box! Here’s our first look at the ZTE Axon 7.


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20 Responses to ZTE Axon 7 Unboxing: Budget Busting First Impressions

  1. Bryan Godfrey says:

    Would you do a comparison of the 2 colors the phone comes in?

  2. diegoa137 says:

    guys look on newegg, you get free headphones

  3. James Russo says:

    The camera will of course be the (slight) shortcoming. But look it has a headphone jack and a 2K screen. One Plus can fuck off.

  4. lonewolf5460 says:

    the earphones look like knock off iphone ones why is it so hard to Habra your own style

  5. TragestyX says:

    I know it's a big selling point but these super high resolutions on the phones are not necessary. It could be more efficient if it was just full hd and it would use up less battery power.

  6. patstar5 says:

    Are y'all doing a camera comparison between this and the galaxy s7/s7 edge?

  7. radziu27 says:

    What a stylus that you use in the 1:43 ?

  8. CZARNYEU says:

    Great Peview 🙂 Regards from my channel from Europe :-)

  9. Silver Joystix says:

    I want a fucking review…not a preview.

  10. Manish Mehta says:

    do a detailed comparison with oneplus 3

  11. RojasTKD7 says:

    man, I've been waiting for you guys to get you hands on this device. can't wait to see the fallow ups on the Axon 7. I don't expect the camera too be the best, but hope it's at least competitive. I really hope the audio is as good as claimed. selling my portable DAC/AMP currently and hoping for a phone that can deliver good audio on it's own.

  12. digital d0m (digitald0m) says:

    Looks solid. I like the expandable memory

  13. free mov says:

    very nice sounds & review style

  14. mansoork9 says:

    I really like this phone because of that htc like design and plz compare this camera with htc 10..thanks

  15. WYBES says:

    Please make a comparison video between front facing speaker smartphones like ZTE Axon 7 VS Alcatel Idol 4S VS Nexus 6P VS Nextbit Robin VS Xperia Z5/Premium

  16. ADITYA NAREN says:

    what is the stylus he is using, anyone

  17. Ian Hoswell says:

    Juan, you and Joshua Vergara have got some very pacifying radio voices.

  18. Panino Manino says:

    Budget? But, these specs!

  19. Michael Germick says:

    So is it just me or does this look like the next generation Moto X Pure?