ZTE Maven Food Stamp phone unboxing

It’s time for another food stamp phone unboxing and review period.
This time I take a look at the cheap ass ZTE Maven. Recently this phone was on sale at bestbuy for the low price of .99 making this a prime candidate for food stamp phone reviewing.
Let me know what you think in the comments below.
If your sensitive or in your feelings about me calling it a food stamp phone….. Deal with it. And be warned trolls get served up daily here.

Please watch: “BlackBerry Priv NO BS REVIEW”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2ptZgM7mxM
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20 Responses to ZTE Maven Food Stamp phone unboxing

  1. CatholicBoy1957 says:

    I bought this device a few days ago to replace my Nokia 6126. I'm not up to speed yet with these types of devices. Every time I want to do something, such as set up a list of favorite phone numbers or a calendar of appointments, it wants to establish an internet connection, or set up some type of account. I didn't have to do that with the 6126, as it saved it to the SIM card. Isn't anything resident on this damm thing?

  2. pablo aracena says:

    for such a cheap phone is pretty good. I have one and works very well.

  3. king magneto says:

    funny, but good shit.

  4. Michael Holm says:

    I just bought the same phone at wal mart for $39.99 with tax it was like $43 something dollars but it's a very great and awesome phone for it's price it does cam with the front cam on skype tested out it works just like a webcam on a pc or laptop

  5. Eric Thompson says:

    can you please show how to root this phone? pleaseeee

  6. Michael Street says:

    does this phone's wifi (web browsing,play store,you know what i mean.) work without any sim card at all?

  7. Liam T. says:

    how rich is this guy man he even has the voice

  8. C. says:

    what are the dimensions, I have small hands– and where do you put the sim card?

  9. Elias Haas says:

    you're a jo|. hello thete, guess song !

  10. Kevin Baker says:

    Lmao, best title.

  11. Elizabeth Frady (felix) says:

    "Death Star Logo" Lol.

  12. Jonathan Aceve says:

    Budget phone*

  13. Macy Humphrey says:

    Im sorry I couldn't see but did you skip the activation?

  14. Jan Schwarz says:

    Heya. You're A Class Cct. land heap What's your opinion about uhis

  15. Indyfalcon says:

    funny I got a s4 mini for 250 bucks and realized the damn thing wasn't even 4G (i9190). This food stamp phone at least is LTE. So off to return the galaxy, get my money back and getting myself a food stamp phone. Amazing, the American snobbery when it comes to disposable consumer electronics. Just because you overpay for something doesn't mean it adds VALUE to it.

  16. NotAGAmer says:

    same phone

  17. Isadora Moler (Sadie) says:

    I don't understand what lollipop or kit Kat or any of that is…? Can someone explain it to me?

  18. Amy Dumag says:

    I have this phone right now just got it yesterday it is really good it is 5.1 lollipop. if I was giving it a star rating it would be 5. I recommend U to buy this phone at best buy for $30!

  19. Angelina Sheppard says:

    Using the phone right now, and the price is surprising. The phone runs on 5.Something Lollipop. Speed is decent, nothing of an iPhone 6 or a Galaxy, but suitable. If you're coming from a brand name phone, you're going to hate this thing at first, but everything works great and it can do anything a phone can do- talk, text, data, etc. This is my first phone and I have no complaints.